RYL Garuda Download Page
Full Client
Hosting From
Garuda Full Client v.666
(singgle link)
Mediafire or FireDrive
Size : 689 MB
Create directory RYL Garuda and Install the client

Hosting From
12-09-2014 Manual Patch v666 to v673
Install to directory RYL Garuda

How to install RYL Garuda Install Garuda Full Client v.666
Install Manual Patch 666 to 673
Error Alien Language view image U get failed auto update, Please install Manual Patch for fix problem
Program Error Please run "ClientSetup.exe" Step 1      Step 2
LC2.ogg File Not Found or ijl15.dll File Not Found
Step 1      Step 2
RYL cant start, Only show Error Click for fix
RYL cant Full window Click for fix
Conecting to server blink (kedap-kedip) Please use only one internet connection